• Our organic herbicide called GOTCHA is the first of its kind in the world. It is an alternative to ROUND UP!
  • We have products utilizing sea minerals (Ormes), Diatomaceous Earth, and unique fungicidal-insecticidal formulations.
  • Our high nutrient organic ferment took several years of development- belt-driven, continuous, and sprout mix ready within 7 days – followed by innovative ferment procedure- amino rich.
  • Tested and validated: dozens of farmers and trials over many years
  • Chief Bio-Scientist Leyland Minter, with a strong track record of developing organic products over many decades
  • Ready for manufacturing
  • Strong local and global interest being expressed
  • Pre-orders received with a value of $150,000 from hemp farmers
  • Strong corporate interest in organic GOTCHA – Round-Up alternative

Our bottom line pricing cost less than chemical farming- with much better results – and it’s nourishing for mother earth. Our products are organic and now ready to serve you and the land.

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